(APRIL 2021) We have postponed our big celebration to spring 2022, exact date to be decided. We will inform guests at least 5 months prior so you can make travel arrangements. Please make sure to give us your best contact email & phone number so we can easily inform you of all updates. With love, the de Silvas

Bianca Nicholson


Sandesh de Silva

Bianca Nicholson and Sandesh de Silva

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Our Story

A short story of how two soul mates found each other goes as follows…

In year two thousand eleven a very near and dear mutual friend of Bianca and Sandesh had a peculiar idea. This idea was to introduce two of this individual’s friends who had never met before. This individual’s name is Dennis Tehas.

As soon as Sandesh caught sight of Bianca he knew there was something unusual, peculiar and indeed very special about her. He couldn’t quite put his finger on it, but he was quite intrigued. He did not let her out of sight and proceeded with all of his highest attempts of charisma, humor, and perseverance to capture her attention. Now, Bianca being the dignified lady that she is, didn’t make it quite so easy for Sandesh at the very beginning.

However, as a few weeks passed Bianca lent her trust and love as he did for her. Here we are nine years later reciting the story of two soulmates. The match was better than they could’ve possibly imagined. Bianca’s heritage is South African but of German and British descent, while Sandesh’s heritage is Sri Lankan raised in Austria. This resulted in them gaining the realization that they were indeed Third Culture Kids and had grown up with similar cultures and values.

Moving beyond the relationship of Bianca and Sandesh there has and always will remain the love for each other’s parents and families. Some may call all of these situations merely coincidental, others may deem it as meant to be. Bianca and Sandesh are of the latter opinion.

Having traveled the world together, made countless friends around the globe, and maintaining a similar heart and vision, Sandesh had decided one cold winter in Vienna that the time had finally come. On a beautiful December afternoon Bianca and Sandesh visited the stunning Schönbrunn Palace. During the stroll, passing the beautifully and freshly snowed gardens of the palace, they both reflected just quite how much they had experienced together in the past years and how they had adored each other. Upon arrival to the Gloriette, Sandesh asked the most important question he had ever asked, whether Bianca would marry. She responded with a yes!

In their nine year journey together it is abundantly clear that they keep growing closer, learning and loving each other and the world around them even more so. The time has now come for Bianca and Sandesh to transcend into their next commitment and promise to each other, getting married. As such, they are very excited to invite family and friends to join them for this special union!