(APRIL 2021) We have postponed our big celebration to spring 2022, exact date to be decided. We will inform guests at least 5 months prior so you can make travel arrangements. Please make sure to give us your best contact email & phone number so we can easily inform you of all updates. With love, the de Silvas

Bianca Nicholson


Sandesh de Silva


Travelling to Vienna

(Jan. 20) Many countries still have entry/exit travel restrictions in place. We are hopeful that many of these many ease or be lifted by the summer, allowing us to have our big wedding celebration as planned on 7/7/2021. The links below should offer some guidance on your travel status.

For those able to travel, please keep in mind to check for any travel restrictions or guidelines based on your country of residence and citizenship as well as cancellation policies of the airlines & accommodations in the event that we do have to postpone our wedding celebration (again).

Here are some sites to check for up to date information when planning your travel:

- Austrian Embassy Travel Information

For guests that are able to fly to Vienna, we recommend searching for flights on Google Flights or Scott's Cheap Flights to get the best options during the beginning of peak holiday travel season. If you cannot find direct flights from where you are, we recommend looking at flying in to another European hub and then travelling to Vienna from there. Please do check on any additional travel/health requirements that may be needed.

Please feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions!


Vienna has a wonderfully connected public transportation system, information can be found at Here is a downloadable map for reference.

Taxis are also widely available when getting around Vienna. Uber is no longer available in Vienna, but you can request a taxi via the app.


For the wedding day, please be sure to put the address for the
Stadtpalais Liechtenstein, Bankgasse 9, 1010 Wien,
as there are two Palais Liechtensteins.

Parking is not available at the venue, so if driving, please be sure to find a parking area prior to the event. Since we will be having an open bar, we encourage all our guests to use either public transportation or taxi services.


We recommend staying near the inner city & the surrounding neighborhoods. The public transportation system is well connected and you can get to most tourist sites easily & quickly. We often stay near Museums Quartier, many of our favorite places to see are located in or within walking distance of this famous courtyard. More information about traveling to & staying in Vienna can be found at:

We recommend our favorite hotel:
Lerchenfelder Str. 1/3, 1070 Wien, Austria

Things To Do

"Vienna has topped every quality of life survey going in recent years and it doesn’t take long to work out why. With clean air, a low crime rate and cheap, reliable public transport, tourists can benefit from a trip here as much as the locals. Much of the city centre looks like the film set of a period drama. But don’t be fooled by the grand imperial buildings and all the ticket touts dressed as Mozart, there’s more to this great European city than first meets the eye.

Scratch beneath the surface and you’ll find a vibrant social scene, particularly in summer when outdoor bars and food stalls spring up across the city. In winter visitors can spend a good afternoon or two hopping between the Glühwein stands of Christmas markets. From world-class restaurants and attractions to open-air swimming spots and hillside wineries, the Austrian capital can cater to all tastes." - Timeout

Vienna is absolutely stunning during the Christmas season with every square of the city filled with beautiful architecture, wooden stalls, warming drinks, Christmas lighting, decorations, throughout the entire city!

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