(APRIL 2021) We have postponed our big celebration to spring 2022, exact date to be decided. We will inform guests at least 5 months prior so you can make travel arrangements. Please make sure to give us your best contact email & phone number so we can easily inform you of all updates. With love, the de Silvas

Bianca Nicholson


Sandesh de Silva

Wedding Party

Peter Nicholson

Father of the Bride

Peter is the father of the bride and a second father to Sandesh. He is the embodiment of calm and collected. The most down-to-earth individual with an incredible intellect. His mind, just like his profession, operates like a true engineer and therefore for any obstacle put in his way, he always engineers an incredible and intuitive solution. More than anything, he is one the warmest souls and one simply feels at ease when in his vicinity. We love and truly cherish you.

Suzi Nicholson

Mother of the Bride

Suzi is the mother of the bride and second mother to Sandesh. She is one of the world’s most vibrant, loving, caring, strong, creative, and ambitious souls. A true German, despite having grown up in beautiful South Africa, in her very precise and direct ways! Someone who will always make you feel loved. A person who keeps you engaged every single second in her vivid storytelling. Beyond that, she has an amazing eye, a true creative like none other, an amazing cook who can simply create anything. She has this gift, that whatever she sets out to do, she becomes the best at. As the queen of her household, she protects everyone like a true lioness. She showers everyone with love and care, for that we truly love and cherish you, we are simply so grateful.

Sunil De Silva

Father of the Groom

Sunil is the father of the groom, fellow rock & roller (want to know about true experimental and psychedelic rock from the 1960’s and 70’s?, ask the drummer himself!), & an amazing chef. He is the embodiment of diligence, truthfulness, determination, loving-kindness, patience, and humility. His life story is so astonishing, Sandesh is determined to write a book about it. His actions alone have not only provided for a wonderful life for his immediate family, but his entire family for generations to come. At just the age of 23 he moved to Vienna and, oh, what a life he established for himself and his family, an amazing one. We have no doubt that he’ll be the first one up and dancing at the wedding! We all truly love you.

Esha De Silva

Mother of the Groom

Esha is the mother of the groom and a second mother to Bianca from the very first time they met. She is the embodiment of purity and love. That love that she possesses is so unique and rare in this world, she is a true blessing for anyone that is a part of her life. Musically gifted and strong just like her dear mother, she goes about life with grace and a beautiful melody to accompany her at all times. Her incredibly kind and nurturing spirit are something that she is so treasured for. No doubt, she is the queen of her household and protects her loved ones with such fierceness. We’re so grateful for all your love and care.

Suneesha De Silva-Rahman

Maid of Honor

Suneesha is Sandesh’s older sister, and has not only watched her younger brother grow to be the young man he is, but has also watched Bianca grow over the last decade. They have shared so many wonderful experiences in Sri Lanka, Vienna, & Atlanta, including the unforgettable wedding of Suneesha & Robi’s in Sri Lanka in 2014, scuba diving, riding an elephant, karaoke, dancing the night away, and enjoying grilled food wherever they go (thank you to the grillmeister himself, Robi!). We love and truly cherish her for her strong, kind & open heart, and her infectious & energetic spirit!

Dennis Tehas

Best Man

Dennis is responsible for introducing the girl that lived next door, Bianca, to his international Austrian friend, Sandesh, at a gathering at Kennesaw State University almost a decade ago. The three have grown up together and witnessed their lives and personalities transform, despite being miles and an ocean apart most of the year and make a point to meet up as often possible. With such positive and hilarious energy, anyone around Dennis is sure to have an amazing time. There is a reason Dennis was recently coined, by a close group of his friends, as a ‘certified good human’, that he is.

Reshan De Silva

Ring Bearer

Reshan is our adorable three year old nephew, son of Suneesha & Robi. While we live far away, the time we get to spend with him is so deeply cherished. Just like his mother and his father, he possesses the intellect, the creativity, and the sheer talent for linguistics and cooking. He is energetic, intelligent, inquisitive, and quite the little comedian!

Kian Tehas

Ring Bearer

Kian is the son of our best man, Dennis & his incredible wife Viktoria. Even though we aren’t exactly neighbors, we enjoy all the time we get to share with this incredible little family. He reflects the true beauty that are his mother and father. His adorable smile, curious nature, & playful energy are amazing to witness.

Sara Rahman

Flower Girl/Child

Sara is Robi & Suneesha’s niece, and we’ve had the joy of watching her grow from toddlerhood to the intelligent, compassionate, & nurturing young lady she has become. We share many fond memories of our trip to Sri Lanka when Sara was just three and Bianca was her personal real life Elsa. She’s always had a special place in Sandesh’s heart right from the beginning, she truly was the most adorable toddler one could imagine. It has been absolutely wonderful witnessing her transformation and growth, we love you very much!

Maya Rahman

Flower Girl/Child

Maya is Sara’s younger sister, and we’ve also watched her grow from a little toddler just learning to walk to an energetic, strong willed, sharp little leader. She’s fiery, so watch out! She’s also a true protector, especially of her wonderful mother, Runa. Beyond that, she is the life of the party and no second with her in a room could ever be dull. Stay exactly the way you are little angel!

Viola Grace Rafanan

Flower Girl/Child

Viola is the daughter & mini look-a-like of one of Sandesh’s childhood best friends, Patrick Rafanan and his wonderful partner Grace. Everytime we visit Viola we get to enjoy the many books and excellent music she shares with us, she has quite the ear! We’re so honored to include this little ray of sunshine and joy in our day.

Tania Achadinha

Sister of the Bride

Tania is Bianca’s older sister. While she cannot travel to Vienna for the occasion, she will certainly be there in spirit. Tania is very much like her mother, a true definition of awe and strength. She possesses the same determination, the same incredibly gifted eye, and most importantly, the true queen of her household and a wonderful mother. She watched and, in many ways, raised Bianca. There are many fond memories that were had in South Africa and Atlanta and we look forward to many more adventures. We cherish and admire your strength and your heart of gold.


Brother of the Bride

Brandon is the bride’s younger brother. A true engineer’s mind just like his father, he has a natural intellectual curiosity like none other. Beyond that, he possesses a very warm and sensitive heart. A perfectionist if we ever knew one, we have had the opportunity to watch him grow into an intelligent, respectable, kind, caring young man.

Runa Rahman

Baker Extraordinairé

Runa is Suneesha’s sister-in-law and close family friend. She has one of the most beautiful and kindest hearts. She’s incredibly intelligent, very nurturing and caring, and loves a great challenge. Perhaps that’s why Bianca and Sandesh, quite suitably, tasked her with one of the most complex cake ideas to execute upon. She is the wonderful mother of two beautiful, intelligent, and strong angels, Maya and Sara. We cherish all the wonderful moments we have had with you and look forward to many, many more.